Search Engines: Getting a Top Placement; Key Tips!

The search engines reward a good, clean design, readability and sticking to the goals.  They punish attempts to mislead, confusing layouts and clutter.


Keywords are the words within your page that are the same as or similar to words that people will type in search engines to find your page.

Choose Your Key Words Carefully

A page about peanut butter and how to choose a healthy variety, should contain keywords like:

  • peanut butter,
  • peanuts,
  • choosing,
  • healthy

Positioning Your Keywords

Keywords near the top of the page are given greater weight than those far down the page.

Keep Your Content Relevant

If your page rambles all over the place, talking about unrelated topics, it is likely to be hurt in the search engines, unless it is a blog and , well, nothing in particular (and how many people are looking for that 4?  May be 5?)

Search Engine Obstacles

"Over-teching" your website, filling it with loads of code, javascript and widgets adds to the clutter and "noise" that dilutes the keywords and causes a lower ranking.  A simple static page that is focused and meets visitors needs will always rate higher than a whiz-bang page filled with gadets that people don't want or don't understand.

Building Links to and from other websites

It may be obvious to you that the more websites that link to you; especially large, popular websites and those that attract visitors who would be interested in your website's topics; the better.  But it also helps your ranking if your website puts links to other websites, too - IF those websites are good websites with content that is likely to appeal to people who visit your websiet!

Do not Spam the Search Engines

Pretty obvious, too, but attempts to mislead or trick the search engines (for example, by repeating a keyword hundreds of times in your code, or resubmitting your website to Google every day) will result in your website being kicked OUT of the search engines.  Don't do it.

Submit Your Key Pages

You do want to submit once every 45 days.  See this page for information about how to submit.

Verify And Maintain Your Listing

You can test to see if your website is listed in a given search engine just but entering your website's url in the search engine, like "" in Google.  (WITHOUT the quotes! Need we say that?)

Further information about search engine placement and ranking

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