How to Start Earning an Income Online

We know you're eager to get started, because the sooner you start, the sooner you'll start earning an income.  It is a lot like exercising or losing weight; many people start off eager and overdo their efforts in the first days, only to burn out and give up.

We'll propose a reasonable approach that you can sustain and achieve results.

Entrepreneurship offers many rewards, but you must be prepared and committed.  Take whatever time is necessary to determine if you are ready; this will be time well spent.

As we mentioned on the home page, the approach is simple and each step  below is a link to a page with more information. You can also reach each of these pages from the menu on the left side of every page:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Research the idea and competition
  3. Plan the business aspects
  4. Plan / design how your website will work, conceptually
  5. Gather the resources you will need (software, information, subscriptions, etc.)
  6. Purchase your domain name and find a web host or blog host
  7. Build your web pages (more detailed instructions on this page)
  8. Register with the advertising aggregators, affiliate programs and/or other ways to monetize your website
  9. FTP (upload) your website to the hosting computer
  10. Test your website's links, buttons and other functionalities
  11. Market (promote) your website in search engines and the media
  12. Maintain your website (ongoing)

Other practical information and resources about starting a small business

These are free guides about starting a business from the US Small Business Administration: