Real World Considerations About Earning Money Online: Separating the Hype from the Reality?

Everyone hears how it is possible to earn money online, and many scammers will tell you that it is easy, fast, almost overnight and requires little effort. before you get scammed by these, find out the truth about earning money on the internet.

The Scammer's Hype and Claims:

It's so easy, anyone can do it.

If that were true... wouldn't almost everyone be doing it? There are skills required, and not all people possess them.  Just as it takes certain creative skills to be an artist, or strength to be a fireman, there are some technical skills and aptitudes required to earn money online.  If you hate computers or are confused or intimidated by them, you are not likely to be successful online.  certainly not unless you overcome those fears.

It requires little effort: "Passive residual income"

The fact is, any job, and business requires work, a dedicated effort to be successful. Anyone that tells you that you simply place ads in Google and sit back while the money rolls in, is simply lying. 

I earned $5,000 last month!" I earned $10,000 in a month!"

Almost all of the scam money-making programs include claims and testimonials, especially the late night TV ads.  But if you pause the Tivo and look at the fine print (you have to be quick, it flashes by in a few seconds), they always say that the claims are NOT representative nor typical. The law forces them to put those disclaimers up!  In other words, despite those claims they are admitting that you are very unlikely to earn anything like that!

You can earn as much money as you want!

This one is simply laughable. Unless you have your own government printing press from a government mint, you do not simply choose how much money to make.  There is always some risk, and always some effort, skill and creativity involved.

The reality

It can be easier than many other jobs

There is no manual labor involved.  You do 98% of your work sitting at a desk.  That beats digging ditches! But unless you get up and walk around frequently, all that sitting can expand your waistline!

You can earn money round the clock

A web business is open 24x7.  Most web business can earn money whether you are awake, asleep or even on vacation.  You can usually choose when to work on the business, even break it up around the clock.  It it will still require hours per day.

Your income is directly related to your ability, ambition and efforts

The harder you work at it, the better you make your pages and products, the more popular they become, the more you meet your customer's needs; the more successful you will be.  Like any business, a smart, hard-working, ambitious person, who has good ideas and tirelessly works to improve and promote them will be successful.

It takes time

Yes, you can earn thousands per month from a web-based business. earns tens of millions per month! But it takes time to build the website and to get sufficient traffic to earn substantial income.  You can do, but realize that it will take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before the income becomes substantial.  How much?  It could be a few dollars a day or a few hundred dollars a day.  There are so many variables (amount of traffic, profit margins or advertisers rates, popularity, etc.).  We'll discus the mathematics and calculations you'll need to consider, later!

Additional guidance

The Small Business Administration offers some free guidance to help you understand what it takes to make a successful small business: