Promoting Your Web Business, Blog or Website: Submitting Your Website to the Search Engines and Indexes

There are books written on how to submit your website to the search engines  and expensive tools and services you can buy, but none of them done anything different from what you can do yourself for next to nothing.  And it doesn't take much time! 

Here's how getting listed in search engines like Google works:

Submit your website

Some search engines allow you to enter information about your website in a form.  Next (usually within days or weeks - the search engines have a huge backlog), the search engine's "spider", an automated program visits your website and examines each page. the search engine may (or may not) choose to list your website. we'll show you how to submit your website further down this page.

Now, even though your website's information may be in the search engine's database, it may still not show up in a search, simply because it is ranks so low.

That brings up another topic, "search engine optimization", or "how do I get a better ranking for my website in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines?"  That is a substantial topic that requires a discussion of its own.  See this page.

Closed Search Engines and Paid Listings

Other Search engines won't allow you to submit your website.  The search engine must find you another way.  Unfortunately, often that way is by you paying them to be listed.  In our opinion, it is not worth paying to be listed in these engines; few people (relative to the whole search market) use them

Sponsored Listings

Sponsored listings are a bit differ.  These are really just paid advertisements.  Is it worth it?  It can be, if the profit from sales of your products or service is greater than the amount of money you must spend to attract customers.  That can happen with high value sales, like when you are selling your own books or hand made items.

It is very unlikely when what you are selling is a small ticket item, or essentially free, like a blog, informational or hobby website or affiliate sales (unless the commissions are huge)

How to submit to the search engines for free

You can submit a new website to dozens of search engines and indexes in about 30 minutes using The man behind that website has put together web tools to submit your website, and track the results.  Many of the tools are free, but for a donation of $15 or more per year (one time , for as many websites as you have), he gives you access to more tools than the basic submission tool and also retains your data in a database, so you don't have to re-enter it each time.

We've found nothing else that performs better at any cost. And we receive no commission for referring this website: it's just good and free!

How to check to see if your website is listed in a search engine

Of course, after submitting your website to a search engine, you'd like to verify that they listed it.  Here's how to check your website's listing in Google or MSN/Yahoo

The full article is found here, Checking Your Listing In Search Engines, but really on these two matter:


At Google, commands can be used to find a single URL or multiple web pages from a particular site, as explained below:

URL Search

To find a single page listed in Google's crawler-based index, you can use the "allinurl:" command.  Example to see if the website is list:

The allinurl command works the same as with AltaVista, which means you can also use it to find pages within a particular section of a web site. Be sure to omit the http:// prefix.

Please note that if you are trying to find web pages with both words in the URL and in the document itself, you'll need to use the special "inurl" command. This is explained more in the URL Search section of the Power Searching For Anyone page.

Site Search

To locate all the URLs listed from a particular web site, use the "site:" command in combination with a word or words that you know appear on all the pages. For example: searchenginewatch

would bring up all (or nearly all) of the pages Google lists from Search Engine Watch, because all the pages should have the word "searchenginewatch" on them as part of the footer text.

You must use the site command in combination with a search term. It will not work, otherwise.

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool - This shows top queries related to the terms you input, though it doesn't provide guidance as to frequency. You'll find a link to the tool in the Pricing and Minimum Clickthrough Requirements, Part 4, of the AdWords FAQ page.

More Information about the Essentials of Search Engine Submission

All of these links take you to, an excellent resource for information about the search engines.

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