Step 8. Setup the Revenue Sources (How are You Going to Make Money from Your Website?)

I'll bet you came to this page first!  Actually, it's not hard to make money from your website, IF people want to come to your website.  Your focus needs to first be developing a website that people want to come to!  Assuming you have read steps 1 through 4, then you are ready for this!

There are quite a number of ways to make money and they fall into three general categories:

  1. Ads: Generating revenue from advertising on your website

  2. Affiliate sales: Collecting commissions and referral fees for selling others products and services

  3. Sell your own: Selling and delivering products and services directly.

1. Advertising on Your Website

The lowest risk and easiest method is sell ad space on your website:

And for this, none beat the Google Adsense program ( ) .  You simply choose the ad layout and size you want, put the code on the pages where you want it to appear, and Google does the rest. The ads at the top of this page are an example.  They are discrete and related to the content on the page.  Of course, it takes a lot of traffic to generate much income! Click on the link above for more information!

Another program is offered by Yahoo: It's not a large as Google's Adsense but it makes a good second source.


Yahoo and MSN (Microsoft) also have ad programs fro web publishers, but they're much smaller than Google's.

2. Affiliate Sales

The next easiest way to generate income is affiliate sales.  This takes more work that ads, because you must manually determine which products to sell, gather the code for each product from the affiliate and put to the webpage. The commissions generally range from 1% to 10% per sale. 5% is a typical commission rate. has a good program (the books above are through their proghram)

Click below for more information:

3. Selling Your Own

If you have your own products, such as something you make, or you want to buy goods from another company and then resell them on the internet and ship them to the consumer, it is possible, but there are many more challenges than with advertising or affiliate sales.

This is the most complicated option, but for high volume sellers, the most profitable. In this case you'll need to construct your own storefront and learn about:

You'll need to learn about setting up a shopping cart, payment engines, shipping services and what to do when things go wrong.

  • ShoppingCarts
  • Merchant Bank Accounts
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Liability Issues