Step 6 - Domain Names and Web Hosting - How to Get Your Website's Domain Name and Hosting Without Paying a Lot!

Now is the time to choose a domain name and find a webhost.

Choosing and Purchasing a Good Domain Name

A domain name is the url or web address of your website.

Your website needs a name (url)! Selecting and purchasing/registering a domain name is a key decision.  You need to choose a name that accurately describes the purpose of your website and matches a likely search.  For example, a good domain name for a website about how to start knitting would be "".

Once you have selected your domain name, you need to find out if it is available, then buy it if it is.  The cost of .com names is usually less than $10 per year.

You can find a list of the most reliable and inexpensive registrars to buy your domain name on this page.  One of the best values is at

Web hosting - a home on the internet for your web business

Generally, web hosting services are companies that have computers connected to the internet, where you will put your web pages so visitors can find them.  While many domain registrars, like Go Daddy, offer this service, too; they're not your best value. Why can't you just connect your home computer to the internet and use it. Actually, some geeks do: geeks with pretty good computers, a whole lot of expertise, and an expense high speed commercial connection.  Besides the fact that your ISP would shut you down for violating the terms of your residential service contract, your webpages would take forever to load and open your home pc up to hackers.

If you are just starting out (i.e., anything person or company with fewer than 100 employees or so, then you will want to start with "shared hosting", as it is the most economical. 

See our guide for choosing a hosting company here!

Webhosting is incredibly cheap these days.  Generally, it is around $5 per month.