Website Design Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Here are some excellent websites that provide tutorials, tricks, tips, articles, tools and information to help in your website design. Below are general tutorials and overviews.  Following that list are specific topics, such as PHP, MyQL, CSS, HTML, XML, etc.

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  • HTML Tutorials. Over 50 tips and tricks to help you deal with or take advantage of HTML's little weirdnesses.
  • HTML Tag Guide. Reference and tutorials on the most used and useful tags.
  • Server Side Includes. Simplify your life with SSI by incorporating boilerplate text into your pages and generating dynamic content.
  • JavaScript Tricks. A small collection of popular scripts.
  • Site Navigation Techniques. There's more than one way to keep people from getting lost on your site.
  • Image Maps. Learn how to make clickable links to more than one page from your graphics.
  • HTML Forms. All you need to know about building user submission forms in HTML.
  • CGI Introduction. A very simple introduction to the art of CGI scripting.
  • First Script. Create your very first perl cgi script.
  • Banner Rotation. A two part tutorial on banner rotation.