Making Money Online With eBay and Other Auctions

eBay and other online auction websites have transformed the world of work-from-home. eBay has enabled thousands of of people, from homemakers to entrepreneurs, to earn a living.  It hasn't always been easy, and there have been ups and downs as eBay changed rules and costs structures, but it still can be a boon to many who wish to work from home. 

The basics

eBay is an online auction system.  That means you post a description of something you have to sell, give it a basic parameters (minimum reserve price, length of auction, etc.) and let people bid on it.  If your reserve is met, then you are obligated to sell the item (and usually ship it to the buyer).  Shipping costs may be included, or added on to the selling price; you need to make that clear in the ad.

What do you sell?

It can be a simple as selling items from around your home, like an online garage sale.  Let's say you received a new ipod for Christmas and now you want to sell your old ipod. You could create a listing to describe it: "Used iPod, 1 year old 80 GB drive. Works great." include some photos, the model number, and details about the condition that people would want to know and post it. If it sells, then you wrap the ipod so it won't be damaging during shipping, take it to the post office, FedEx or DHL and ship it to the buyer, once you receive the buyer's payment. Most sellers use PayPal, so the buyers can use a credit card and the funds are deposited straight into your account.

You can also "drop ship" - sell items straight from the manufacturer or distributor. There are companies that specialize in this.  We'll discuss this later.