Choosing an FTP Program to Upload Your Web Pages to Your Web Host

FTP is the most common way to load your web pages to the server that hosts your website. (remember that in order for your website to be seen by others on the internet, the pages and files must be on a computer called a "web server" that  is on 24x7 and is always attached to the internet.  The least expensive and most practical way to do this is to pay a "web hosting company" to put your website on a webserver that they maintain, along with many other people's websites.

The FTP clients (programs) below are the more popular, stable and inexpensive of those available.  Listed in order of recommendation starting with the best recommended:

  1. WS_FTP - by Ipswitch. Very easy to use, and reliable. For Windows. Free trial version (home version is good indefinitely), $34.95 to buy. This one is our recommendation.
  2. CuteFTP - by GlobalSCAPE. For Windows. Free trial, $39.99 to buy
  3. SmartFTP - by SmartFTP. For Windows. 
  4. FTP Voyager - by For Windows. Free trial for 30 days, $49.95 to buy.