Bloging: How to Make Money from Your Blog

Are you a witty, entertaining or informative writer?  Have you got something to say or some reviews or information that you think other people would want to read?  Have you wanted to be a writer or journalist, but somehow didn't go down that career path?

It may not be too late!  Blogging is writing articles that you post online for others to read.  You can do that on your own websites or on dedicated blog websites like Google Blogger.

Step by Step Directions to Starting a Blog

  1. Select your blog service and editor.

    This is where you will write your blog and where visitors will find it. There are relatively minor differences between them. 

    Many are free, such as:

    Others that charge a small fee are, usually with a 30 to 60 day free trial:

    Considerations: If you want to use either javascript (not that likely) or Google's Adsense ads (very likely!), you’ll have to choose TypePad, which is not free, like is.
  2. Configure your blog

    This is a pretty easy process.  It usually only takes about 10 minutes. You will enter a name for your blog, choose a layout and color theme, etc.  You can always change it later.

  3. Start writing your posts!

    This ought to be the easy part, but if you have never written before, it can be challenging.  Of course, if writing is new to you, why would you choose a blog? In any event, it is a good idea to start with an introductory page that explains why the purpose of the blog is.

  4. Writing  offline

    If you use an offline writing editor (that's similar to what Outlook is in email, compared with Yahoo mail) it allows you to write your blogs when you are not connected to the internet, such as on a laptop in a car (as a passenger, of course). You simply upload your blog later when you are connected to the internet.

    Two popular offline blog editors are BlogJet and ecto.

  5. Enhance your blog with other features.

    Written text is nice, but really not enough by itself. mYou may want to add links to related topics, recommend books in (which make syou money, too). Many services allow you to do this. TypePad allows you to add in features, even third-party services, like Bloglet. Bloglet enables your visitors to subscribe to your site and receive an e-mail whenever you add a new entry.
  6. Market your blog

    Marketing, advertising, publicizing; call it what you want; you need to get the word out about your blog! There are blog tracking websites that help, such as pingomatic. This is a super-easy service that will ping fourteen different services. All you have to do is enter your blog address whenever you post a new entry. If you want to manually enter a comprehensive list of ping services, here’s a list to get you started.

  7. Keep writing; keep it current

    The toughest part of blogging is to keep writing, keep the topics current and timely and still interesting, useful and entertaining. It is this step that separates those with a real flair and talent for writing from the mere wanna-be's.

How can you earn money from a blog?

Of course, beyond the mere gratification of having an audience or fan-base, the goal is to earn an income from the log, so how do you do it?

  1. Advertising
    Google ads and other ad services, plus any companies that you can line up to present ads on your blogs will generate income. The pay per referral is small, but if/when you get a lot of readers, it can add up!
  2. Affiliate sales
    Affiliate sales generate more cash, faster than ads because you get paid a 5% to 25% commission on each referred sale.  Some offer flat rates, such as $10 per sale.  It depends on the products.